Upolo Island, Samoa

Here are some images from our day on the island of Upolo in Samoa. It is just a 30 minute flight to American Samoa but the flights were full so we could not make it over there. Our guide told us the actor called the Rock in the USA is Samoan. We went to a underwater cave at a Methodist Theological Seminary and because of my claustrophobia and freaked out underwater and breathed a lung full of water and smashed my head against rocks. I went to the local hospital since it was bleeding but did not require stitches, just shaved a small patch of my head and cleaned it.

We went to the most easterly part of the island called Lalomanu where each clock day of the world begins. The international date line lies just on its outer edge. You could be in the day today and yesterday at the same time if we had a boat to put out a bit from shore. It is also the site of a tsunami in 2011 that destroyed 20% of the population and houses.

Richard is heading back to California tomorrow and I will be spending two days in New Zealand driving from Auckland to Rotorua and then back to Auckland along the western coastline.

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