Good Shepherd Clinic, Belize

Created in 2009. Here is a video of the Good Shepherd Clinic in San Jose Succotz, Cayo District, of Belize near the Guatemalan border on the western highway. La Mancha Media visited there in March 2009 and made this short film. The Clinic has no website. I do not have any direct contact info; the last known way to contact them is through Christina Maile who worked there and whose email is here.

Santa Maria del Mexicano Orphanage, Queretaro

The following videos were created over the course of a few years from 2009-2012. Santa Maria del Mexicano Orphanage Video Short. Here you will see the surrounding area of Colon, Querétaro, Mexico, the land, the orphanage, the school, the young men and women there, Fr. Mike the Director, and Sister Amada, a volunteer there. You will see their current problems such as lack of water for their crops due to a dam running dry, and their current successes such as a young man who was abandoned by his parents and his school but is now getting good grades and has dreams to be a Italian chef.

 Fr. Mike speaks to Mike Ross about the need for volunteers at Santa Maria

 Here, some of the boys at the Santa Maria del Mexicano Orphanage in Colon, Queretaro, Mexico, save a puppy that was abandoned on the side of a country road. He had 100s of fleas and the boys washed him and are taking care of him. This was just a fast edit shot on a very small handheld Panasonic GF2 $200 camera for fun.

A little show there in 2012:

Sister Amada was a volunteer at Santa Maria in 2009. She speaks of her life here.
Santa Maria is located in Colon, Mexico, just north of Mexico City. A Google interactive map is here.

The award winning film Men of La Mancha features the Santa Maria Orphanage.

Rivers of Mercy Orphanage, Juarez

All created in 2009. Video Short for Rivers of Mercy. Here Kristin Robles gives a summary overview of Rivers of Mercy, the amount of kids they take care of, the kinds of families they come from, the staff and volunteers, the general schooling at Rivers, their current donors, their immediate need for new donations, and the way in which to donate. For contact information and ways to help please go directly to their website at

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