ABC airs licensed LMM footage on national TV

Update: I viewed this documentary last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. I wasn't sure if I'd like it; wasn't sure if it would have an agenda. But it didn't. It was purely a hard fact based look at the person's and events. Great to see my Kaietur Falls, Port Kaituma, Jonestown and other footage, and first time to see my name in credits on national TV.

Original Post:
Tonight at 8pm ABC will premiere it's new documentary, Truth and Lies: Jonestown - Paradise Lost. ABC contacted La Mancha Media a few weeks ago and requested licensing some of our footage from LMM's 2013 documentary The Wild Coast: An
Richard Taylor, Producer of The Wild Coast
Exploration of the Guianas
We came to an agreement for use in their documentary and their promotional video/commercial. It's great to see my clips in their promo and tonight I'll (Dave Whalen, Director) watch the entire documentary. Very much looking forward to seeing my footage on national TV. When I was a child there was only three networks including ABC. Im proud to have it displayed there.

Here is a write up on the ABC documentary as well as the promo video: 
The filmmaker in Kaietur Falls

My Jonestown sign photo appears in ABC's doc

Happy 10th Anniversary La Mancha Media

LMM was founded 10 years ago today (f. 9/16/2008). It was envisioned late one night after too much wine. The idea was to mesh the love of overland international travel with telling stories of those making a difference, especially in works of charity. It's ultimate end came to in the film Men of La Mancha. It almost died a few years ago after forgetting to file a new statement of information with the CA Secretary of State but by Providence it continued on. Today LMM still tells the stories of others doing great work around the world as well as great and sometimes sad historical stories. Thanks to all the fans of LMM and thousands of YouTube subscribers for the millions of views and support.
Don Quixote (aka D. Whalen) first sallies on Rocinante 2008.

Sancho Panza (aka the late Mike Ross) meditates 2008.

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