Rarotonga, The Cook Islands

We landed in Rarotonga in the Cook Islands yesterday and went out exploring.

Here is Richard Taylor, the producer of the videos for this trip to the South Pacific. We are walking in the Muri Lagoon here.

To learn more about what we are doing here click on this overview page.

And we stumbled upon this group of people holding hands in a circle at the Avana Harbor, one of the only deep water passages into Rarotonga's lagoon. The great ocean going vakas (canoes) set off from here in the 14th century to settle New Zealand, the so called Great Migration.

We stopped to talk to the leader of this group and made a small on camera interview which I will publish later on. This group is called Hokulea, the Great Polynesia Voyaging Society, and they are canoeing around the world to bring awareness to the problems of the oceans today. They just started their journey two months ago and will be canoeing for the next 2 years. They had come here all the way from Hawaii. Some passages are a couple days, some a couple weeks long. You can follow their progress on their website.

I flew the drone once and got some beautiful underwater shots of the lagoon with the GoPro. But this morning I flew it again but due to a malfunctioning battery and some stray dogs, it landed in the lagoon and conked out along with the GoPro unprotected from waterproof case! So unless by some miracle the electronics dry out in a few days, my drone and GoPro are dead!

I will be posting every couple days so check back.

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