Messengers of Peace, Villa De Leyva, Colombia

Created in 2011. This video was filmed in Villa De Leyva, Colombia and Medellin, Colombia for a charity called the Messengers of Peace in March of 2011. It is founded by Fr Luis Mesa, a self proclaimed "dreamer", who had raised a family in California and had several business and homes, but then felt called to give it all up and to help the poor in Colombia. This is his story. He runs a home and school for abused girls, a co-op farm in the poorest area of Medellin in the mountains above the city (where a boy who suffers from epilepsy had a seizure while shooting). He also provides love and groceries to the poor in Villa De Leyva as well as offering his beautiful home for retreats. You also learn of the many young men following this priest who want peace in their often violent country of Colombia, including Br. Juan who talks about the shooting of his brother. Please consider helping Fr. Luis if only by sharing this video with your friends. There is contact info at the end.

Special thanks to the girls at Talitha Cum for the music mid way in the video, as well as the music director of the school for the piece in the opening sequence. Thanks also to Anonymous for the bagpipe rendition of Amazing Graze at the final sequence. Thanks also to Fr. Luis for putting me up in his wonderful home while shooting.

Shot on Panasonic GH2 in 24p mode
Lumix 14-140mm and 20mm 1.7 pancake lenses
Olympus LS 10 recorder at 24 bit 48hz
Sony UWP V1 wireless lav system
Rode Video Mic Pro

The award winning film Men of La Mancha features the voice of Fr. Luis, founder of the Messengers of Peace, as the Don Quixote narrator.

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