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Men of La Mancha
1. Amazing images, stories and people! Now I want to go to Guatemala...Your work is great. I liked the film so much. It has amazing images, stories and people! I didn't like the images of Moises injured and ill
body... But his story is amazing. I am so sorry about your accident...It was too bad! should know the driving is crazy in all Latin America, including my country Argentina. I like your political views [about self-giving vs. communism and socialism] from 1:01... Really."Our purpose is to see life as it should be, and not as it is". Great message. Hope many people watch it, it would have a good impact on them. Congrats!! -Eloisa Casarini

 2. It's cool to see your movie streaming on your website this week- good timing around Thanksgiving. I watched it with my brother the other night. He was very impressed. I think it was something he needed to see. He has been unemployed for a long time now, and I could tell he found it inspirational. And the trailer scenes were hilarious. The movie came together really nice. I plan to buy some dvds as gifts for family and friends. Awesome job. And not to worry, you are changing the culture. That ripple effect may start out a little slow, but now that the word is out there, your impact will keep building. -Brian Dunlop

3. Please watch this wonderful and inspiring film of the true meaning of LOVE. We are always talking about how we need positive films and here is an amazing example of just that.
-Jacqueline Moreno

4. I just finished watching it. Very Good! I enjoyed it. I learned that if I ever go on a trip like that I will bring a roll of tie wire with me. I miss Mike. Thanks for posting the video! -David Mascarenas

5. What an amazing documentary! So real, very touching, and inspiring. Congrats! Excellent job! -Lourdes Monroy

6. Beautiful amazing and touching film! -Anne Whalen

7. D. Whalen’s Men of La Mancha is an epic film that portrays a journey of the chivalrous and Quixotic adventure of a man on a motorcycle in pursuit of a dream: "to see the world not for what it is, but for what it should be." The viewer is confronted with men, women and children who follow their dreams and champion the cause of the poor while fighting the formidable giants of poverty, injustice, and death in Mexico and Central America. This documentary with its multilevel of symbols, images and meaning, reflects at once Miguel de Cervante’s novel while at the same time the audience takes an epic voyage down Homer’s Odyssey and descends to Dante’s Inferno in search of paradise. -Frank Castillo, John Paul II International Film Festival

8. Congratulations on the documentary. It is very moving, my family and I saw it and we were touched. I invite you to attend our workshops and orientation for women presented by families and other area professionals at Latin Portuguese Mission in St. Nicholas Church Pompano Beach. I think this is a great opportunity to meet the mission and its low income, families from Mexico, Guatemala, Salvador, and Central America, as well as Brazil. -Glenda Sanchez-Reoyo

9. I also recommend the movie. I really liked. It makes us think about how we can and should be more caring and generous, without prejudices, without imposing conditions, just loving unconditionally those who suffer.

Original in Portuguese
Também recomendo o filme. Gostei muito. Faz a gente pensar em como podemos e devemos ser mais solidários e generosos, sem preconceitos, sem impor condições, apenas amando incondicionalmente aqueles que sofrem.(Translated by Bing) -Carolina Garcia Cavalcanti Barreiros from Brazil

10. This is a film about friendship, a movie about a deep connection between the meaning of life and caring for others. You will leave this movie with hope and a reconciliation with humankind. This film proves that following your dreams and serving others are not two isolated selfish affairs. Something that might seem as ancient as the idea of Don Quixote is placed nobly in the present with Dave's and Mike's friendship.

This movie proves that men still have hearts and that they can have a profound, real friendship -one that you wish could have. You will leave wondering even if you can find those men. These two friends care for others but can have fun at the same time, be on an adventure either in a car, on a bike but on the road. It is great as a viewer to be part of something that is theirs, a knitted friendship that for the viewers eye gives hope to the heart. It is as well refreshing to see a topic where Hispanics are involved but not because of drugs or crime. Moises' case touches the heart in a profound way as does Mike's and Dave's involvement with all the invisible American heroes that are trying to make a difference throughout Central America. This movie is a blend of different cultures holding hands and a friendship that was strengthened by serving others. I actually left the movie wanting to see more. -Juliana Valencia

11. I feel privileged to be among the first to view this extraordinary Documentary. This multi-layered film takes the viewer on a cathartic journey that is filled with hope, humor and heartache. You will experience miracles when hope seems dist...ant and tremendous loss when tragedy is least expected. I was amazed at the turn of events that are too unbelievable to be considered simply coincidences. D. and Mike have chosen a path that many in our modern culture may long for or even dream about but fear to take the first significant step because of the consequences of deprioritizing work and economic success in favor of adventure and helping the less fortunate. It was also refreshing to see the friendship between D. and Mike, a meaningful relationship between two men that is rarely seen in modern society. This film has the ability to renew your faith in humanity and question your purpose in life. This is a powerful and emotional film that will stay with you long after you’ve seen it. -Nicole Jones

12. Wow! I was honored to have been able to see this last night, I don't have the words to explain the emotions that went through me while watching it. There are so many happenings in this "mission" you and Mike undertook that cannot be simply "coincidences" - really sent a chill up my spine! To have been such a teeny tiny small part of this, is a fantastic feeling - to see my name in the credits is awesome! Viewers cannot help but be moved and inspired. Impressive, Dave, simply impressive.

I think the movie has a lot of merit as far as content goes, it will definitely win something for content [in film festivals], for the passion of it and for the stories. Not sure if it will win for cinematography, but then again you have some amazing stuff in there – some scenes I have no idea how you managed to film – so what do I know? Have faith, wait and see. I also absolutely loved the music!!! It might win something for that, too.

I simply cannot wait to have a copy of this. I think it should be shown in schools and colleges; many colleges offer “mission breaks”, for instance my daughter went to Guatemala with Cornell, and many colleges are looking for meaningful ways to have their students serve.-Isabella Corina

13. Between all of these people you find a crazy connection in their crazy good deeds; where everybody plays a little role altogether to change somebody’s bad fate resulting in a good and happy success. Also, the documentary shows the incomprehensible way of sad events, directed by a divine inner wisdom or a divine teacher that makes things with grace and a special way leaving you a peaceful certainty of love.

La Mancha Media created this documentary showing that doing its purpose, that is, making free videos for charities abroad, these organizations were helped with these videos to get the help that they needed to fulfill some of their objectives or mission."-Cintya Ramirez

14. I have seen Men Of La Mancha several times and I recommend it. The movie reflects made of people who help others, with reference to Don Quixote of La Mancha, the character of Miguel de Cervantes’ Book. The knight Don Quixote aims to improve humanity and thus joins dream and reality and he goes around the world in its defense against evil. That is the movie, it wants awaken the man for what he does best. The film presents don-quixotes from North America and Central America, but I know there are many others around the world, and I highlight three of South America, in Brazil, in the city that I live in Criciúma/SC and I know personally. They are: ALMIR BIA & FERNANDES DE SOUZA, ARILSON CARLOS NAZARIO, FATHER MARCOS and OIKOS from MHANOEL MENDES. They help to transform many lives with their actions. And the world needs don-quixote’s, to having hope and so awaken and become a better and more generous place to living. The film also shows that you can help others and enjoy life at the same time. We can act as a don-quixote where we are. It is a film of real life, with joys and sorrows, without stuntmen or scenes that can be repeated.

That epic adventure surprised me, but I highlight the problem of Moses and the viewer can see why on the notebook screen, in the scene in 1:06:51. Another highlight was the duct tape, which showed up an extra, super and too much important article of a trip; it was a big help and it has become a star of fun scenes. Anyway the whole film is a highlight. I wish the film was available forever, in order to its message spreads around the world at any time. Well, again congratulations D. Whalen.
-Marilúcia Garcia Cavalcanti from Brazil

Original in Portuguese
Eu assisti o filme MEN OF LA MANCHA e recomendo.
O filme, que em português quer dizer Homens de La Mancha, retrata feitos de pessoas que ajudam outras, em uma referência a Dom Quixote de La Mancha, o personagem do livro de Miguel de Cervantes. O cavaleiro Dom Quixote almeja melhorar a humanidade e assim junta sonho e realidade e segue pelo mundo, em sua defesa, contra a maldade. Assim é o filme, ele deseja despertar o homem para o que ele tem de melhor.

O filme nos apresenta dom-quixotes da América do Norte e América Central, mas sei que há muitos outros pelo mundo todo, mas destaco três da América do Sul, no Brasil, na cidade que resido de Criciúma/SC e que conheço pessoalmente. São eles: ALMIR & BIA FERNANDES DE SOUZA, ARILSON CARLOS NAZARIO e PADRE MARCOS. Eles ajudam a muitos e transformam vidas com suas ações. E o mundo precisa de dom-quixotes para ter esperança e assim despertar e tornar-se um lugar melhor e mais generoso.
O filme ainda mostra que é possível ajudar aos outros e aproveitar a vida ao mesmo tempo; que podemos agir como um dom-quixote onde estivermos. É um filme da vida real, sem retoques e dublês, com alegrias e tristezas para enfrentar e superar.

Toda essa aventura “épica” surpreendeu-me, mas destaco minha surpresa ao descobrir do problema de Moisés, que se acidentou e teve os órgãos internos desconectados, ficando ineficaz sua alimentação, fazendo com que as fezes saíssem pelo abdômen aberto, como é mostrado, na tela do notebook, na cena em 01:06:51, na imagem anexada. Outro ponto de destaque foi a fita tape, que se mostrou um item ultra, super, mega importante na mala de viagem. E por aí vai...
Assista ao filme e compartilhe.

Charity Videos
The lovely documentary that you have assisted us with will no doubt help us to better inform the public of our vital function and goal. With so many worthy charities to choose from, hopefully this will make a decision about involvement with our cause an easier one for the public, as a result ensuring our continued success. On behalf of the Board of Directors, Management and staff and most importantly the patients that we serve daily, THANK YOU! --Yvette Burks, National Coordinator, BERT

Thank you for working so fast on this...we are in dire need of a response.... You are doing way above and beyond the call of duty. You don't know how encouraging your work is to us at the orphanage. --Fr. Mike Sanchez, Santa Maria Orphanage

...Thank you so much for the time and effort that you are dedicating to do this in order to help our ministry. We had a great time spending a few days with you here at the children's home... --Kristin Robles, Founder of Rivers of Mercy Children's Home

1. From Good Shepherd Clinic
I would like to thank you on behalf of the staff of The Good Shepherd Clinic for the video produced by La Mancha Media. As a non-profit clinic that serves the poor of western Belize, this is something that never could have been done without the generosity of an organization like yours.

When you came to The Good Shepherd in the spring of 2009, we had no idea how much of an impact the video you were producing would have on the clinic. It was not until several months later that we started to hear many of our volunteer doctors mention this video, which they had seen online before making their trip down to Belize to join our staff for a short period of time.

In April of 2010 we had two young doctors from England come and join our staff for nearly a month and a half. They were an incredible asset to the clinic and allowed us to not only provide care for the patients who came to The Good Shepherd, but also to begin mobile clinics out to the smaller surrounding villages to reach a population that otherwise would have great difficulty in getting to the nearest clinic or hospital to receive care. These two doctors came to know of The Good Shepherd from the video you produced, and would otherwise not have come!

Thank you so much for the work that you are doing; I hope that you realize the impact that you are making on these organizations that you are helping with your filming. I also hope that you are able to continue this work and assist other organizations who are serving the poor all over the world.

2. A potential volunteer for Good Shepherd
I am a 5th year medical student from Imperial College London and I was wondering if you might be able to help me. I am trying to find a way of getting in contact with The Good Shepherd Clinic in Belize and I saw the video on your website. I was wondering if you had any telephone/email contact details for them? I am currently trying to organise my medical elective for this coming October in Belize and would really like to see whether it would be possible to spend some time at this clinic. I look forward to hearing back from you.

3. Future volunteer to Santa Maria orphanage
I want to thank you for all you do at La Mancha Media in spreading awareness about mission sites and orphanages abroad.  I also want to send my condolences in regards to your friend Mike Ross who recently passed away.  He had so much to offer in life.  It is comforting to know that his contributions to La Mancha Media live on and are impacting many people.

To keep a long story short, I have been doing a lot of soul-searching for over a year now.  In the process, I began researching mission sites where I could volunteer my time.  The first mission site I found was the Santa Maria Del Mexicano orphanage.  Upon doing further research on the mission, I was led to La Mancha Media, where I watched your video clips on the Santa Maria mission.  It really brought everything I read about to life- adding a personal touch...

Just a month ago, I decided to commit a year to volunteer at Santa Maria which will begin in September of 2011.  Needless to say I am a bit nervous, but moreover just excited and honored to be a part of such a wonderful mission.

Again, I want to thank you for your dedicated work through La Mancha Media.  It has been integral in my personal journey and helping me choose my next step ahead.

I am looking for a better understanding of orphanages abroad. It seems like you have visited many different organizations and I am hoping to speak with you about getting involved in one of these agencies. I have researched many different organizations and am struggling to find the one for me. Please let me know if you can help.--Keenan Ryan, Recent Graduate, Univ. of Notre Dame

Nice job on the video... Changing the world isn't all that bad a thing to do! --Rich Sabreen, Managing Director, Institute for Media and Entertainment, New York City

I have been watching all of your videos...they are very moving, touching, inspiring..they are so real...I am sure they will touch many lives. Maybe some day I'll be able to volunteer at an orphanage like one of these... --Vinita Raja

I am not sure how I found your web site at La Mancha Media, I watched your videos and I greatly admire your work... I am from the emergency room physician from the Tipp City, Ohio and have a great deal of international medical experience especially in the Caribbean having practiced in Jamaica, Dominican Republic, St. Lucia, Australia, Bermuda, St. Thomas, Bahamas, St. Croix, Cameroon and Belize.-- Stephen Huffman, Physician and Author

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