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Welcome to the LMM website. On the top left are links to view our three full feature documentaries. There are also many extras for each film on the links below. The first is Men of La Mancha (2012), which was featured in several film festivals including the popular Oaxaca Film Festival, and winner of the prestigious People's Choice Award at the JPII Film Festival in Miami. It also aired on several cable and public access channels in the Washington DC Metro area.

Our second film, The Wild West of Namibia (2013) played in several countries including USA, Cameroon, Jamaica and elsewhere as part of the Africa World Film Festival.

Our newest film, The Wild Coast: An Exploration of the Guianas (2014) and can be seen right here.

On the bottom left are several links to short charity videos we have made for other charities throughout the Americas. These videos have raised tens of thousands of dollars for these charities. There are links to donate to them directly if you desire to do so.

We are currently seeking grants and donations to film in charities worldwide.
On average, for just a few thousand dollars in donations, we can create a 10 minute fundraising video which includes 3 days of filming, all the editing required, paid for licensed music for the video, as well as full HD streaming on YouTube and Vimeo that can be embedded anywhere, and a burned DVD and Blu Ray for the charity that can be copied and distributed anywhere. The best and most recent example is our Messengers of Peace video, shot in Colombia, which you can see here:

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