Dr. Timothy O'Donnell's Note for Men of La Mancha

Dr. Timothy O'Donnell's Note for Men of La Mancha
I received a note from Dr. Timothy O'Donnell, President of Christendom College the other day regarding our film Men of La Mancha. I attended Christendom College and remember Dr. O'Donnell well as the most incredible teacher. His theology class was rich and spirit filled (excuse the cliche). I remember thinking his class was like drinking a glass of red wine while eating a choice steak!

Dr. O'Donnell "is the first layman to receive a licentiate and a doctorate in Ascetical and Mystical Theology from the Angelicum... He is an advisor to the Pontifical Council for the Family, appointed to that position by Pope John Paul II in 2002. He is also a Knight Grand Cross of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem." Quote from Wikipedia

I was very pleased and surprised to see his note. Thank you Dr. O'Donnell.

(As you can see, my dad is my biggest supporter sending copies of the film everywhere!)


20,000 YouTube Views of Namibia Documentary

6/2015 Update: This post was written a few months ago. Now we have hit 40,000 views!

Our documentary on Namibia entitled The Wild West of Namibia has reached 20,000 views. I have not done anything to get this. It is simply a result of Google listing it in the number 1 spot when a search is performed in YouTube for Namibia. This started a few months ago. Prior to that time the video saw very few hits. Now it is getting about 100 per day. For followers of my films, let's hope that the same happens for our other films, Men of La Mancha and the newest documentary The Wild Coast: An Exploration of the Guianas. The YouTube link to The Wild West of Namibia is here.

Video of Vanuatu, Efate, Tanna, Mt Yasur Volcano

Here is a video of Port Vila and around the island of Efate in Vanuatu. At the end of the video is the island of Tanna and the active Mt. Yasur volcano. Filmed and Edited by David Whalen. Produced by Richard Taylor. Music courtesy of the Music Bed, "Unforced Rhythms" by Tracey Chattaway.

Shot on Panasonic GH3 in 29.97 1080. Most shots on an Olympus 9-18mm M.Zuiko lens.

Stills from Vanuatu and Mt Yasur:

Vanuatu Airlines

Port Vila Market, Vanuatu

Charter to Mt Yasur Volcano

Mt Yasur Volcano

Mt Yasur Locals

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