Rambling Toward Truth: Finding God in Beauty, Art, Nature & Wanderlust, a Book by the Director of LMM

A new book by the Director of La Mancha Media, Rambling Toward Truth: Finding God in Beauty, Art, Nature & Wanderlust

Available on Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0784Y3HH8

“This memoir was unlike anything I have read before. I found it to be utterly riveting… Think of this tale as a modern-day Confessions.” -Brandon H. (Author)

In the 1980s, a thirteen-year-old runs away from home, hitchhikes the country, and is imprisoned in the infamous drug rehab Straight for half a year before a thrilling escape. His budding wanderlust brings him to Santa Cruz, California, to live in a LSD hippy camp, then to Ithaca, New York, to become an organic farmer and radical environmentalist, and eventually throughout Europe with a backpack where his mind is expanded by its old world Christian culture. Upon growing marijuana and meditating in a graveyard, the young man begins to see God's creating hand in all of nature. In philosophical musings on the natural law and the purposes of sex, a dive into the lyrics of Bob Dylan and Neil Young, a reading of Don Quixote, and upon an encounter with the Dalai Lama, he begins to question why it is the new alternative-minded relativistic culture is open to all religions and spiritualities in the universe but one, Catholicism. These reflections lead the young man on a journey to Christianity and eventually Catholicism.

“I'm not usually a fan of memoirs, but I do love a good conversion story. This one hit on all cylinders like a trippy, modern Restless Heart or a Faust in reverse.” -JSB Morse (Author and Vine Voice Contributor)

Today, the author David Waylon, is a writer, a lawyer, a nonprofit documentary film director, a motorcycle enthusiast, and a world-traveler to nearly one hundred countries and territories.

“This book was hard to put down, and really went through such a labyrinth of emotions and experiences. . . This story can be an inspiration to people in difficult circumstances to keep trying, to pick yourself up and begin again . . .” -Isabella C.

Compact Free Association: Marshalls, FSM, Palau Documentary

La Mancha Media will be filming with David Whalen the Director and Richard Taylor, a new documentary on the pacific islands nations that encompass the Compact Free Association with the USA: the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia and Palau. These are not states or territories but have close ties with the USA. We are filming in Majuro, Weno, Truuk, Pohnpei and other atolls and cities in March 2018. Please contact us if you can assist with contacts and such.

America's Forgotten Colonies: American Samoa, Guam & Saipan

La Mancha Media today publishes it's newest documentary entitled, America's Forgotten Colonies: American Samoa, Guam & Saipan.

The documentary explores the history, military service, obesity, the Turtle and Shark Legend, the Samoan Creation Legend, the story of Massacre Bay, Junior Seau, Margaret Mead and more, in Part 1 on American Samoa. In Part 2 on Guam, we explore the history, the Legend of the Two Lovers, Taotaomo’na Spirits, the Chamorro people, Fr Duenas, Shoichi Yokoi and more. In Part 3 on Saipan and the CNMI, we explore the history, Banzai and Suicide Cliff, Tinian, the nuclear bombs dropped on Japan, Chinese immigration and tourism issues, as well as labor trafficking, and a charity that helps in this area.

The documentary is the result of six months of planning, two weeks of travelling and filming, and a month of editing. It was shot on Panasonic GH5 (10 bit), Sony FDR-X3000, and DJI Mavic Pro--all 4K.

It is one documentary, but broken in three parts for YouTube, so it can be viewed more easily by those searching just one particular territory, for example.

There are three other territories, Washington DC, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. These are not dealt with in this documentary. These are very well known. The three in our documentary are relatively unknown.

For licensing footage please contact LMM.

Full credits at the end of the final part of the movie (on Saipan), but below is a limited set of credits.

Directed, Filmed,
Written & Narrated By
David Whalen

Produced By
Richard Taylor

Produced By
David Whalen

Executive Producer
Thomas Whalen

Executive Producer
Marilucia Garcia Calvacanti

Richard Taylor
Michael McDonald
Paula Stevenson McDonald
Girls Working Out
Atonio Ioane
Christian Ausage
Senovefa Gaea Bartley
Marte S. Hara
Jose Q. San Nicolas
Group of Chomorro Youth
Julie Le Breton
Mela Gerber
Carlos Paulino
David B. Tydingco
Pilar LaguaƱa
Walt Goodridge
Emelda P. Camacho
Calvani P. Deleon Guerrero
Chinese Tourists
Chinese Migrants

Special Thanks
Keith Ahsoon
Bishop Peter Brown
Antonio R. Cabrera
Gabbie Franquez
Fabian M. Indalecio
Tina Ioane
Doug Mack
Mark Manglona
Lauri Ogumoro
Sylvia Press
Breeana Quitugua
Rosita San Nicolas
Kristan Schlichte
Sulita Evie Smith
Wang Chun Yu

American Samoa Historic Preservation Office
Cathedral of the Holy Family, American Samoa
Catholic Charities, USA
Catholic Charities, American Samoa
Discover Guam Tours
Discover Saipan
Guam Visitors Bureau
Historic Inarajan Foundation
Karidat Social Services
Pacific War Museum
South Pacific Watersports & Fitness
Valley of the Latte, Inc.
Vaoto Lodge

Filmed on Location
American Samoa
Saipan (CNMI)
Tinian (CNMI)
South Korea
Korean Demilitarized Zone

Laumei ma Malie
(Turtle and Shark, ancient Samoan song)
Performed by Senovefa Gaea Bartley

Feels Like Home
By Immersive Music
Shutterstock Music Canada ULC

Driven to Explore
By Tiny Music
Shutterstock Music Canada ULC

In Search of Wisdom
By Tiny Music
Shutterstock Music Canada ULC

A Glow
By Dan Phillipson
Shutterstock Music Canada ULC

Widescreen Nature
By Tiny Music
Shutterstock Music Canada ULC

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