Mavic Pro 2 Day 1

Excited today to have made my purchase of the new Mavic Pro 2 drone from DJI. I purchased the first Mavic Pro on the first day it went on sale nearly 2 years ago. Those who missed the first day were not able to get their drone for months due to backlog orders. I was so happy with that drone that even-though I currently have no pending film project, I wanted to make sure I had the best drone available for any potential new projects in the next few months. The Mavic Pro 2 is a huge upgrade, now employing a 1 inch sensor, 100 mbps video data rate and a 10 bit color profile to match the Panasonic GH5, my main camera. My order was placed before their announcement event was finished in NY today. I can imagine as news gets out, once again the drone will be back ordered for a few months for those who place their orders tonight and thereafter. Unfortunately there is no ND filters available yet, but the good thing is DJI is manufacturing these themselves, only have to wait for stock.

These drones have made making documentaries so much easier. I can fill in hard narrative cuts with aerials, as well as footage providing overview shots of where we film. It is now an indispensable tool. I have used drones since 2013, the first being the DJI Phantom with a GoPro and off market Chinese gimbal on my film The Wild Coast. Since then I have owned several more drones, the last being the Mavic Pro which I just recently sold on eBay to raise the funds to buy the Mavic Pro 2. Here's to wishing the coming year a great success shooting glorious 10 bit 4K all around the world, telling great historical and charitable stories. Please contact me if you know of a story for LMM to film.


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