10,000 YouTube Views for The Wild West of Namibia

My OnePlus One Android Phone has the YouTube app installed which is logged onto my non-profit YouTube account, lamanchamediatube YouTube allows qualified non-profits to post full length documentary films in the highest quality, so I have been posting all La Mancha Media's movies and videos there. I will be deleting the Vimeo account very soon.

Yesterday the YouTube app sent a notification to my phone saying that my film The Wild West of Namibia was viewed 10,000 times. See attached screenshot. That was a great feeling. That movie has been posted for about a year and for the first 9 months it had about 1000 hits only. Then all of the sudden, it started rising and now there are about 100 views per day.

I wanted to share this news with followers of the blog. Please help my newest film The Wild Coast take off, since to me, it is a more engaging movie and much better quality in terms of visuals. You can help by going to view it and sending it to all your friends. Of course, please feel free to visit the website of the sponsored ads since this provides LMM will a small amount of money.

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