Pictures from the Baltics

Here are a few pictures from my recent scouting trip to Kalinigrad (Russia), Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia. I loved Belarus, even if it is considered the last dictatorship in Europe with pure Stalin architecture and 80% of its population works for state run enterprises. There is something beautiful about the city, though I hear the countryside is extremely poor. The Belarus women are like none I have ever seen. Really a fascinating place. Lee Harvey Oswald lived here before killing President Kennedy. Belarus set him up in a nice apartment in brand new area of city then.
Kalinigrad, Russia 
Kant's tomb, Kaliningrad
Amber Mines, Kalinigrad 

Afgan War Memorial, Island of Tears, Belarus

Memorial to Jewish Holocaust, Belarus
St. Michael. Belarus
Stalin Architecture, Belarus


Black Madonna, Vilnius, Lithuania
Photographer David Whalen, overlooking Vilnius
Vilnius on annual town feast day, St Caspian
Riga, Latvia

Riga at night

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