The Wild Coast progress

I have been furiously editing away while also working to make a living as a freelance lawyer. I am nearly finished with the edit. The film is about 55 minutes. There are times when it is very emotional to edit, even though the Jonestown events happened 35 years ago, splicing some of the disastrous images with music is sometimes overwhelming. I found fantastic music on the Music Bed, finally making the purchase of 10 tracks there today that I have been testing out for the past 8 weeks. I have also been digging and digging for royalty free images and studying fair use defense in copyright for several clips and images I am using in the film. I have even FBI released photos and military released photos as well as historical photos. I can't wait to publish the film right here. It won't be long.

My stomach just churns listening to the Jim Jones Death Tape, editing images of the 900 dead on the ground, with a piece of haunting music in background. You can listen to the track, Belka (by Spirit of Spain) I chose for the dead of Jonestown at the Music Bed here. I hope in the end people will see this movie is redemption also, as the story of Papillion overcomes all repression and pain.
Devil's Island, French Guiana
Maroons, Suriname
Shot-out plane, 1978, Jonestown, Guyana

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