Charities We Want to Film

Here are a few charities we would like to film if we could raise the money. If you would like to donate you can do so on our donate page. We can do these videos for just a few thousand dollars.

1. Ethiopia (Dallo Mano): An agro food project helping farmers
2. Syria (Aleppo): three new mobile clinics for refugees in Damascus, supplying food and
medical needs
3. Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo): several programs by NGOs and christian
organizations that assist some 30,000 children
4. Honduras (Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula): a) organization that helps reintegrate criminal
gangs into society; and b) a school in the jungle to help educate poor children
5. Peru: assist organizations fighting the severe pollution of local forests as highlighted in recent
environmental report
6. Haiti: a) organization that provides housing for 400 families; and b) an orphanage of 126
7. Paraguay (Cateura): organization assisting people to escape their life living full time in the
trash dumps

8. Much more in Congo Africa, Oceania, Papua New Guinea, etc.

1. Helping Honduran Kids
We almost had the money to go here but it fell through. They made a lot of effort to have us come but it was not possible because of lack of funds. Please donate to LMM if you would like us to film here.

Description from their website:
Helping Honduras Kids (HHK) is a non-profit VOLUNTEER organization that manages a Children's Home (ORPHANAGE), caring for 22 children who have been abandoned, abused and/or neglected on the North Coast of HONDURAS, in La Ceiba. We are looking for sponsors who will help support these children.

2. Mision Mexico
Here is another charity we almost went to. We had planned to go since it was on the border of Guatemala and Mexico but due to the motorcycle accident I could not go the first time and because of lack of time and resources we could not go on the second trip. After the 4 years I have been following them they still don't have a video; they are simply too expensive to create.

Misión México provides a loving, secure home for children of all ages who have been abused, neglected, orphaned or abandoned, and mostly from backgrounds of extreme poverty. The number of children in their care changes constantly but on average they care for between 40 and 50 children on a permanent basis. Almost all of the children have suffered extreme poverty and abuse. Some have experienced unspeakable violence.

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