Hope for the future?

Is there hope that La Mancha Media will create another project? Filming in an orphanage? A prison? A school for the poor? I don't know but I am going to try. For the past year, since creating the short series of films on the South Pacific, I have been tempted to give up on LMM completely because of lack of funds. I had hoped all the people who have loved the films would donate, but turned out that my biggest emotional supporters are the least of donors. This has been a hard lesson to learn but I have now. Three or four years ago I was offered help from others who wanted to write grants for LMM but unfortunately the person never followed through. Of course, it's difficult to motivate others without assurances of compensation. So instead of taking direct action myself in attempting to write a grant, I threw up my arms and wallowed in pity.

I have never written grants and from my understanding they take months or years to come to come to fruition but now I have decided to try. I will start with this book Grant Writing for Dummies. After finishing I will spend time at OneOC in Orange County, CA, a nonprofit coaching organization, who offers donor databases that cost $1000s of dollars, to nonprofits like mine for next to nothing.

Can La Mancha Media help more orphanages and other service projects in Central America or elsewhere? Can it make geographical/historical films from interesting countries around the world? Could the next film be a mix of charities and historical/geographical information? This is one current idea. A sort of mix between our short film The Wild West of Namibia and the Santa Maria orphanage videos.

Does LMM have some life left. Feel free to contact me with your thoughts on any of this: ideas for filming, ideas for fundraising (parties, etc), foundations, grant writing.

We have nearly 100,000 YouTube hits and nearly 150 organically grown subscribers to our channel now (which I have done nothing to get). Perhaps there is a way to make LMM successful. Fundraising makes the difference between success and failure in nonprofits.

Please pray that LMM find its path: perhaps it is to wind down, but perhaps its not time for that. There are so many stories out there to tell. The recent visit by Pope Francis to the USA has definitely inspired me to revisit what lies in store for LMM. His love and tenderness for prisoners, handicapped, and the most needy, sent a surge of life back into what has recently become the cold dying veins of LMM.

David Whalen

Director of LMM

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